Retail Centers

The successful management of an Investment Retail Center involves a true Asset Management Approach which is characteristic of an O,R&L program. O,R&L identifies potential efficiencies and cost savings during the initial management transition. A Management Plan is developed and recommendations are made to the Owners that will improve the overall operation of the property and the O,R&L Property Manager assists with the development of a Capital Improvement Plan and Budget.

Should any construction work become necessary, the O,R&L Property Manager works closely with the selected construction company to assure the Owners’ interests are protected. Once investments are made, it is imperative to have a Property Manager on board who will be diligent and experienced in the maintenance of an investment retail center.

O,R&L provides comprehensive 24/7/365 property management services for our clients which include:

  • Financial and Operational Planning
  • Rent Collection & Leasing Administration
  • CAM Calculations, Assessments & Collections
  • Financial Administration & Monthly Reporting
  • Development of Property Service Specification, Bidding & Negotiation
  • Property Services Management & Quality Assurance Reporting
  • 24/7/365 Service Center & Emergency Response
  • Comprehensive Monthly Operational Reporting