~ Our Culture ~

Our employees experience a dynamic and rewarding place to work. We have a reputation for outstanding customer service, professionalism, teamwork, and exceeding client expectations. We consider the employees of O,R&L to be one of our most valuable resources. Our employees treat others in a friendly and courteous manner and have respect for other employees, tenants,visitors and our clients property.
To apply for open positions
at O,R&L Facility Services, please use this link:

We look for employees who will:

  • Strive for professional excellence in the performance of their jobs.
  • Understand and support the company's direction.
  • Provide superior service to our customers and employees.
  • Be flexible, innovative, and responsive to change.
  • Manage human and financial resources wisely.
  • Be a team player, helping others to succeed.
  • Encourage open communication throughout the company.
  • Treat all individuals with dignity and respect.
  • Have pride in and sell O,R&L to others.
  • Be energetic and excited about their field of work and of others around them.
  • Be able to go above and beyond what is expected of them.
  • Be involved and enveloped in the entire business of our company.

~ Contact Human Resources ~

Phone - Northeast: 203.643.1001
Phone - Southeast: 407.388.9839

Fax: 203.488.1188
E-Mail: HR@owens-services.com