About Us

O,R&L Partners1990 - Four determined young men step into the commercial real estate arena armed with vision & energy.
Years later…

Still here -
Still growing.

The design of our company is no chance occurrence. We are comprised of  four specific divisions that work as a complementing analytical team.

Each division is supervised by one of the four partners in his area of expertise. The partners have a successful background in advising investors, corporations and public institutions on the complex issues affecting business owners and managers.  In today's challenging management environment, owners are asking questions that require a comprehensive, strategic approach to problem solving:

  • Where do I locate my company?
  • How do I build my building on time and on budget?
  • How do I manage my building to protect my investment for the long term?

O,R&L's knowledge, forefront technology and professional staff contribute to a dynamic team.  We have earned a solid reputation for personal service, high standards, professionalism and quick turnaround time on projects large and small. With hands-on participation by the company's principals, and their careful attention to detail, you can be assured that no job is completed until our clients are satisfied.