From Scrap to Shed

From Scrap to Shed

O,R&L Construction Employee Exemplifies

"Constructing a Sustainable Future"


At O,R&L, "Constructing a Sustainable Future" is a phrase often heard in our office or seen on our job sites. One employee, Bob Lewis, took that phrase to the next level.   

Bob, an Assistant Superintendent at OR&L, was working at the Branford Self Storage project and noticed there was an abundance of wood pallets.  The project was nearly complete and the wood was taking up three 10x15 storage units. His first thought was that his brother in-law could use the wood at his campsite, but even after that, there would still be enough wood to fill two forty-yard dumpsters. That got Bob thinking:

"My son needed a shed at his house, so can't I use some of it? I made several trips back and forth to get the scrap off the site and with my son's help, we separated and took apart all the pallets and crates.  With minimal investment on pressure treated wood for the floor and some good plywood for the roof sheathing, we were able to construct the entire shed from the scraps from the job site. And best of all, I got to spend some quality time with my son.”

Check out Bob’s handy work below and the Branford Self Storage project.  


ScraptoShed BobLewisScraptoShed BobLewis2ScraptoShed BobLewis3ScraptoShed BobLewis4