Safety & Quality Control

O,R&L Safety Program

Safety is more than hard hats, glasses and vests at O,R&L. It is an attitude and philosophy that ensures workers on the jobsite go home safe and healthy and while working in occupied spaces, take the lead in ensuring the safety of all employees, visitors and staff.

Our safety program is managed on-site by our highly skilled safety representative and site superintendents. Each safety representative and superintendent is empowered to plan site safety early in the process and carry out our safety programs at all levels. All sub-contractors are required to participate in this planning stage and review the subcontractor safety manual to
properly assess their specific issues and needs and participate in weekly ‘tool box talks’ conducted by the O,R&L staff on timely safety issues impacting the site.


O,R&L Quality Control Plan

The overall goal of O,R&L's Quality Control Plan is to establish consistent and effective processes for delivering the desired construction project that meets the contract specifications. These processes will enable the project team to minimize and even eliminate errors during construction and in doing so reduce losses to the contractors and allow the owner to receive the construction project that meets applicable codes and industry best practices.


For more information on O,R&L's Safety Program or Quality Control Assurance, please contact the Director of Construction Administration & Safety